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Meander Valley Eco Green

Businesses That Contribute to Eco Green in the Meander Valley Region of Tasmania, Australia

The Meander Valley region in Tasmania, Australia, is known for its pristine environment and lush greenery. The local businesses in this region understand the importance of preserving the environment and have taken various initiatives to contribute to the Eco Green movement. Here is a list of some of the esteemed businesses that are doing their bit for the environment and the community.

1. Elgaar Farm

Elgaar Farm is a local organic dairy business that sells milk, cheese, yogurt, and cream. The farm is certified organic by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic), which means that their products are free from synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, and fertilizers. They source their milk from cows that graze on natural pastures, which contributes to low carbon emissions and reduces the carbon footprint associated with feed production. Buying products from Elgaar Farm not only supports a local business but also promotes sustainable agriculture in the region.

Contact: Phone: +61 3 6393 1205, Email: info@elgaarfarm.com.au

2. Deloraine House

Deloraine House is a community center that provides various services and programs to the residents of the Meander Valley region. They have taken various steps to reduce their environmental impact, including installing solar panels, composting, and using recycled paper and ink. They also run community gardens that promote gardening skills and encourage people to grow their food. The center hosts various events, workshops, and training programs that teach sustainable living practices, such as upcycling, reducing waste, and conserving energy.

Contact: Phone: +61 3 6362 2678, Email: delorainehouse@bigpond.com

3. Tassie Pure Water

Tassie Pure Water is a local business that provides water filtration and purification systems. Their products are designed to reduce plastic waste and promote the use of tap water instead of bottled water. By installing a water filtration system, households and businesses can significantly reduce their plastic waste and carbon footprint associated with bottled water. Moreover, Tassie Pure Water is committed to sourcing their products locally and supports the Australian economy.

Contact: Phone: +61 3 6337 7222, Email: sales@tassiepurewater.com.au

4. Meander Valley Council

The Meander Valley Council is the local government organization that governs the Meander Valley region. The council has taken various initiatives to promote sustainable living practices and reduce environmental impact. They have implemented a waste management plan that includes recycling, composting, and green waste collection. The council also runs various programs, such as the Household Energy Program, which offers subsidies for energy-efficient appliances and solar panels. Moreover, the council promotes sustainable tourism and supports local eco-tourism businesses.

Contact: Phone: +61 3 6393 5300, Email: meander@meander.tas.gov.au

5. Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group (NTWMG)

NTWMG is a regional waste management group that provides waste management services and promotes sustainable waste management practices. They run various programs, such as the Waste Action Grants program, which provides funding for community groups to undertake waste reduction projects. The group also operates several waste management facilities, including recycling centers, garbage transfer stations, and hazardous waste disposal sites. NTWMG is committed to reducing waste to landfill and diverting waste for recycling and reuse.

Contact: Phone: +61 3 6393 5300, Email: info@ntwmgroup.com.au


The Meander Valley region of Tasmania, Australia, is home to several businesses that contribute to the Eco Green movement. From organic farming to sustainable waste management, these businesses are making a significant impact on the environment and the community. By supporting local businesses that promote sustainability, we can all contribute to a healthier and cleaner planet.

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